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Rough Water 7.90 dtube
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Coast Watch D-Collar

7.90 / 8.50

Length 7.9 – 8.5 m (~ 26’ - 28’)Beam 3.00 m (~ 9’10”)Draft (hull) 0.56m (~ 22”)Lightship Weight* 2500 - 2700 kg (~ 5510 - 5950 Lbs )Fuel Capacity* 510 L (Twin 205L tanks)
Propulsion Style* Outboard / Stern Drive / Water Jet (Petrol / Diesel)Horsepower* 300 – 500 HPCollar Style 40oz PU – Hybrid D - CollarMax Speed (approx.) 40 Knots

*Dimensions may vary depending on Configuration & Outfit

Based on the Rough Water™ Combatant, the 8.50 & 7.90 focus on the same key operational features such as Seaworthiness at speed in rough conditions, Greater Personnel Carrying Capacity and Crew Comfort.

Designed for user groups who have length restrictions but need the performance and safety of a larger RHIB and deck space of a D-Collar.

The hull design incorporating a 24° deep V continuous dead rise hull form with full length planning strakes and wide bilge chine result in unique hull design characteristics that opens the seas easier and softer with nil spray offering unmatched performance and fuel efficiency.