Company History

1955 — J.D. Rosborough is bringing back the golden age of sail.

1960s — Rosborough Boats is building unique wooden sailing yachts for customers around the globe.

1970s — Unique designs and quality built seagoing vessels are ingrained Rosborough’s lineage.

1990s — J.R. Rosborough launches the first Pocket Trawler a semi-custom production vessel offering quality cruising, which remained in production for over 25 year.

2003 — Rosborough designs and launches the Rough Water™ series of High Speed RHIBs offering a more sea-worthy, reliable vessel for professional mariners in Canada and the USA.

2007 — Rosborough designs and launches the HammerHead line of composite workboats for Conservation Patrols in Coastal communities in the North Atlantic.

2017 — Rosborough launches their redesigned Rough Water™ as a D-Collar configuration giving the Royal Canadian Navy a new Arctic Patrol RHIB.

2019 — Rosborough implements new infusion technologies in the build and advanced system integration into of all their vessels.

2022 — Rosborough starts full production of the Rough Water D-Collar Series and successfully delivers the first boat.